The Pittsburgh Promise


What is The Pittsburgh Promise?

It is a visionary scholarship program that is already benefiting the entire community. Created by The Pittsburgh Foundation, supported by the Pittsburgh Public Schools, and funded through the generosity of UPMC, foundations, corporations, and our community at large. The Pittsburgh Promise dramatically transforms the lives of students and families. The Promise vows to help all students in Pittsburgh Public Schools plan, prepare, and pay for education beyond high school at an accredited post-secondary institution within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


The Pittsburgh Promise’s Vision:

•A city at the core of a strong region whose neighborhoods are vibrant, inclusive, and attractive to young and senior people, as well as business small and large;
•A public school district at the center of the city that provides enviably excellent education to all of its children;
•A generation of young people at the heart of the district who are equipped to pursue higher education with vigor and who are dedicated to a lifetime of service.

The Pittsburgh Promise’s Purpose:

•Provide college scholarships to Pittsburgh’s students, and see them through to graduation;
•Promote the reform of Pittsburgh Public Schools, and see them through to excellence;
•Leverage the development of Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods, and see them through to prosperity.

The Pittsburgh Promise’s Goals:

•Mitigate and reverse the population declines in the City of Pittsburgh and the enrollment declines in Pittsburgh Public Schools;
•Grow the high school completion rates, college readiness, and post high school success of all students in Pittsburgh Public Schools;
•Deploy a well-prepared and energized work force and an eager core of community volunteers.

Beyond that, The Promise invigorates the entire community, improving the quality of life in the region, and creating a highly qualified workforce that will meet the needs of local employers, both now and in the future.






Saleem Ghubril
Executive Director, The Pittsburgh Promise