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Use this page to find a list of available scholarships that are likely to match your needs. Please browse around and do several searches, in order to better identify what you might be eligible for.  Scholarships come in many flavors, and many have very specific eligibility requirements, so read closely!

When you click on a particular link below, it will take you to scholarships which specifically relate to that criterion. (For instance, if you click on "Theater" beside "Field of Study", you will receive only scholarships which require Theater as a field of study.)  If you simply want a general list, then click on "See All" or type in particular search words at the bottom of the page.

Click here for scholarships that deadline between April 1 to July 30

Please note that the selections below correspond to scholarships established by Pittsburgh Foundation donors. If you are looking for a high school, for example, and cannot find it, this means that our donors have not yet established a scholarship specifically for students/alumni of this high school. When a donor establishes a scholarship meant for students/alumni of this high school, we will add it to our list of selections.

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