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Community Foundation of Westmoreland County Executive Director Reports to: The Pittsburgh Foundation President & CEO, with accountability to serve the CFWC Advisory Board

Status:  Full-Time, Exempt

Position Summary

The CFWC executive director is the leader of the Foundation and is charged with it accomplishing its mission of building better communities through grantmaking, leadership and donor development.

As an affiliate of The Pittsburgh Foundation (TPF), CFWC relies on TPF for staff support and back-office services. This allows the CFWC executive director to focus on responding to the needs of the community while having access to expert staff offered through Pittsburgh Foundation departments. A successful CFWC executive director will utilize Pittsburgh Foundation staff by pulling together dynamic and fluid teams to support the programs, projects and initiatives spearheaded by the executive director. The CFWC executive director is accountable for working with other departments at the Foundation to ensure an integrated, Foundation-wide approach to both cultivation and engagement efforts.


TPF Affiliation

In 2010, CFWC merged with The Pittsburgh Foundation. This has allowed CFWC to grow its capacity while maintaining its local identity. The CFWC executive director will work with TPF’s Communications department to ensure that this identity is preserved and promoted. At the same time, the executive director must find ways to strengthen integration of CFWC into The Pittsburgh Foundation to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship. The responsibilities are as follows:

  • Collaborate with senior leaders from Program, Development and other Foundation sections to deepen and expand relationships internally and externally with other local foundations.
  • Develop CFWC staff by providing career development opportunities with appropriate training, encouragement, leadership and supervision.
  •  Participate in The Pittsburgh Foundation’s all-staff meetings, special trainings, events and initiatives as assigned by the president and CEO of The Pittsburgh Foundation.  
  • Participate as a member of TPF leadership team.
  • Consider how TPF initiatives and processes apply to CFWC and support or raise concerns as appropriate.
  • Leverage TPF initiatives and processes to benefit Westmoreland County (leadership initiatives, grant-making focus, fundraising techniques and protocols, finance and administrative processes, etc.).
  • Recognize differences and adapt accordingly when TPF initiatives and practices will not be suitable or pertinent to Westmoreland County communities.
  • Work closely with TPF Communications team to ensure CFWC messaging and its brand are accurate and that they are promoted effectively in brochures, newsletters, annual reports, news media and other relevant marketing materials.
  • Work on institutional and regional initiatives as assigned by the president and CEO of The Pittsburgh Foundation.
Community Leadership

CFWC plays an important role in the community by implementing a range of strategies to ensure positive impact. This includes developing and leading partnerships such as the WestCo Nonprofit Network, a coalition designed to provide networking, education and advocacy to that sector. Other strategy areas include serving as an honest broker, coalition builder and convener. When needed, the CFWC executive director works with The Pittsburgh Foundation’s Center for Philanthropy to assist in implementation of learning cohorts and community initiatives. Responsibilities are as follows: 

  • Oversee the development, implementation and evaluation of programs and services that support the community, including nonprofit capacity building, volunteer engagement, broad community involvement through neutral convening and participation, and positioning the Foundation as broker of needs, ideas and resources in the community.
  • Develop and maintain strong relationships with community leaders across government, nonprofit, foundation, business, education, media and other sectors. (These relationships increase the Foundation’s range of influence and further our work in solving the region’s issues.)
  • Partner with The Pittsburgh Foundation’s Communications team to ensure executive director is successful as a thought leader. This includes speaking and writing about the region’s challenges, opportunities and solutions; publicizing areas in which the work of our collaborative teams has favorably impacted the region; and building public engagement in philanthropic investment and leadership initiatives.
  • Convene community participants in discussions on the region’s issues; attract or recruit experts, authorities or leaders to engage the community in understanding relevant data and research; facilitate discussions by soliciting diverse opinions and perspectives; and continuously demonstrating CFWC’s deep commitment to fostering a community that values and respects all its members including the most vulnerable.
  • Develop and implement a speaking schedule that covers professional and lay groups.
  • Lead the work of the WestCo Nonprofit network, including the development of educational workshops and cohorts, opportunities for networking and collaboration, advocacy efforts at the local and state levels, and identifying ways to increase the capacity of the sector.

In late 2019, the CFWC advisory board approved the foundations Comprehensive Community Investment Strategy, a commitment to supporting the most vulnerable in the region while revitalizing communities that lack investment. This work is done with an embedded philanthropy model, and partnerships with nonprofits and community leaders The responsibilities developed from the Investment Strategy Plan are:

  • Work with The Pittsburgh Foundation’s Program department and Grants Administration team to ensure best practices in grantmaking, organizational policies, increasing the CFWC’s capacity in Westmoreland and strengthening cohesion of its work. 
  • Implement, evaluate and appropriately adjust CFWC’s Comprehensive Investment Strategy, the Foundation’s grant-making initiative to support vulnerable populations and communities. 
  • Identify and establish relationships with nonprofit leaders and organizations important to the Foundation.
  • Identify the ever-changing needs in Westmoreland County communities and, when appropriate, share those finding with stakeholders through reports or public briefings.  
  • Establish funding priorities and implement grant programs that are relevant, transparent and equitable.
  • Connect Field of Interest funds to grant opportunities that fall outside of the Foundation’s funding priorities.
  • Educate donors on the Foundation’s funding priorities and, whenever appropriate, establish ways for donors to participate. 
  • Connect Foundation donors to organizations in need of funding. 
  • Work with regional funders to increase grant-making budgets and find opportunities to develop partnerships for co-granting. 
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of past grant programs and adjust accordingly. 

The Development and Donor Services staff assigned to Westmoreland County are managed by and report to The Pittsburgh Foundation’s vice president of Development and Donor Services. The executive director will work with staff (vice president of Development and Donor Services, development and donor services officer(s), etc.) to help shape the strategy of the development and donor services work in Westmoreland County. The Executive Director will be fully responsible for leading and implementing fundraising from private foundations and public entities. The responsibilities are as follows:

  • Work in partnership with The Pittsburgh Foundation’s vice president of Development and Donor Services to oversee the work of the development and donor services officers assigned to Westmoreland County to identify, cultivate and secure current and future gifts from individuals and their families, corporations and businesses, nonprofit organizations and civic and social organizations.
  • Aid Development staff in identifying and developing relationships with professional advisors (financial advisors, financial consultants, trust officers, estate attorneys, etc.) regarding charitable giving and services offered through the Foundation to assist with their clients’ charitable gifting.
  • Participate in the planning for Westmoreland County development and donor services strategies to increase new funds and planned gifts.
  • Work with staff to identify the best ways to engage the CFWC Advisory Board in actively participating in development efforts.
  • Assist, as needed, the Development and Donor Services staff in planning and implementing donor engagement activities.
  • Attend community events where donor and advisor networking opportunities exist.
  • Build and maintain long-term relationships with key donors and potential donors.
  • Assist staff, when needed, to develop strategies to engage multi-generational donors.
  • Lead and implement strategies to capitalize on ways to marshal resources into the community from private foundations and public entities, including developing relationships with private foundations to increase CFWC grant-making capabilities.
  • Work with corporations to attract Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program funds to increase support for local school districts. 

The Pittsburgh Foundation’s Finance and Investment department provides back-end administrative support to CFWC. The CFWC executive director will work with the various department staff members to ensure that operations in Westmoreland County are running as smoothly as possible. The responsibilities are as follows:

  • Oversee day-to-day operations of the Foundation in the Greensburg, Westmoreland County office.
  • Coordinate the technology and other tools needed by staff to do their jobs efficiently with the TPF Finance and administrative teams.
  • Liaise with TPF on any contribution or grant-process improvements; resolve any escalations on contribution or grant-transaction issues.
  • Develop and monitor budgets and forecasts for expenses; reallocate resources as needed to achieve goals.
  • Ensure compliance with all local, state and federal legal requirements; ensure that any risk is appropriately managed.
  • Develop and manage an advisory board and appropriate committees to help establish direction and externally advocate for the organization.
  • Show personal enthusiasm to motivate staff and advisory board members to accomplish the Foundation's goals.


  • Proven ability to work successfully with diverse populations and demonstrated commitment to promote and enhance diversity, equity and inclusion. 
  • Commitment to the Foundation’s values of Accountability, Collaboration, Community, Racial Justice and Trust.
  • Exceptional interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills; ability to be an effective public speaker; ability to establish effective relationships with donors, professional advisors, nonprofit leaders, elected officials, board members and staff members.
  • Ability to exercise sound judgment and discretion in handling highly sensitive and confidential information.
  • Ability to work independently and develop new business opportunities, take initiative and participate as an effective team member.
  • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.
  • Demonstrated experience with databases and office productivity software including Microsoft Office.
  • A passion for community involvement and philanthropy, an entrepreneurial spirit and a sense of humor; acting at the highest level of personal and professional integrity and ethics.
  • Genuine interest in the Westmoreland County community and a dedication to promoting the foundation’s mission.
  • As a member of The Pittsburgh Foundation senior leadership team: support, cultivate, embody and promote the Foundation’s values internally and externally.


  • Bachelor’s degree in a field related to the nonprofit sector.
  • A minimum of five years of experience in nonprofit management or closely related function.
  • Experience working with vulnerable populations and communities.
  • Proven experience of working in a collaborative work environment and leading collaborative teams. 
  • Significant multi-tiered staff management experience and the ability to develop, inspire and support a diverse and highly skilled team.

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THE pittsburgh foundation/the community foundation of westmoreland county is AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER COMMITTED TO DIVERSITY, EQUITY AND INCLUSION.