“Workingonabuseandneglect caseshelpedmeunderstandhow littledividesus,exceptthe inequityinopportunityand encouragementwe’reafforded.” KATE DEWEY Outgoing Forbes Funds President coders with nonprofits to develop apps that enable more effective communication, screening, program service delivery and other critical functions. And the UpPrize social innova- tion challenge identifies innovative technology solutions to improve nonprofit operations and quality of life for marginal- ized residents. Dewey is especially fond of UpPrize, and describes this year’s awards ceremony, where applicants won up to $200,000 to fund their projects, as her proudest moment. “Starting a company, or designing a solution, is hard work,” she says. “And these UpPrize submitters didn’t have to do it. But they are so passionate about making their community better that they’re willing to put an enormous amount of time in. To see something that you started a long time ago become real and change lives — that’s really special.” In a time of profound challenges for the region’s non- profits, Dewey’s leadership has been critically important to the development of the Pittsburgh region’s nonprofit sector. “Kate has set out an expectation that nonprofits are to be known by everyone as the forward-thinking leaders,” says Samantha Balbier, executive director of the Greater Pittsburgh Nonprofit Partnership, the Forbes Funds’ advocacy arm. “That’s the hallmark of her vision. As a leader, her style in achieving it is to be compassionate and entrepreneurial.” For her long list of accomplishments, Dewey received a Career Achievement Award from the Pittsburgh Business Times on Dec. 7. It’s a fitting testament to her wide-ranging impact, says Maxwell King, president and CEO of The Pittsburgh Foundation. “Our community is greatly indebted to Kate. Many, many nonprofits have benefited from her innovation and skill, and their successes are creating better life prospects for people across the region.” At the end of the year, Dewey will step down as president and move to a part-time role managing the UpPrize program. She’ll also focus on a legacy outside the workplace: infant granddaughter, Dakota. “She is a gift and I don’t want to miss it,” says Dewey. By Ryan Rydzewski | freelance writer Kate Dewey has more than 40 years of direct experience with a variety of nonprofit organizations, foundations, public agencies and corporations, locally, regionally and nationally.