Advancing Black Arts in Pittsburgh

Both The Pittsburgh Foundation and The Heinz Endowments are committed to helping create a vibrant cultural life in Pittsburgh and the region.  The foundations have maintained a long-term commitment to arts and culture as an important factor in the region’s quality of life, in the well-being of its citizens, and in its image and economy.  We believe that a vibrant cultural life includes the notion of diverse cultural offerings that appeal to the widest array of the region’s citizenry.  It is now widely recognized that Pittsburgh’s cultural offerings are one of its strongest competitive advantages; this includes a rich history and the current presence of excellent black arts presentation and production.

We believe that the most important investments that philanthropy can make to advance black arts in the city and region are: 1) to help to build the careers of individual artists; 2) to increase the sustainability of cultural organizations that focus on black arts; 3) to build community awareness of the black arts sector; and 4) to support efforts toward greater collaboration and the elimination of racial disparities within the larger arts sector. Creating equity in all our funding programs is critically important, and this grants program is a next step in building strategies to create equity.

For more information, please review current program guidelines or contact  Germaine Williams at The Pittsburgh Foundation.