The Pittsburgh Foundation

Grants Awarded Through Application

Use the drop-down boxes below to search the listing of discretionary grants awarded through our application process. The Foundation awards discretionary grants in these strategic focus areas: Self-Sufficient Individuals and Families, Healthy Communities, Vibrant Democracy and Community Projects.

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Focus Area


Grantee Purpose Year Sort ascending Amount
Hill District Education Council to support organizational capacity building activities. 2016 $150,000
Grantmakers of Western Pennsylvania to support Remake Learning Days. 2016 $50,000
Common Threads to support the launch of the Small Bites program and Healthy Teacher Trainings during the 2016-17 school year. 2016 $50,000
The Forbes Funds to support the Greater Pittsburgh Nonprofit Partnership's 2016 Voter Engagement Initiative. 2016 $30,000
Trade Institute of Pittsburgh to support the Apprentice in Training employment pathway program and job placements for all Institute graduates. 2016 $100,000
Eye and Ear Foundation to support the Guerilla Eye Service Reconnaissance Project – a collaborative patient centered approach to the prevention of blindness. 2016 $60,000
Pittsburgh Public Theater Corporation to support the education-outreach programs of Pittsburgh Public Theater. 2016 $50,000
Allegheny Conference on Community Development to connect people to opportunity (training, education, jobs) in southwestern Pennsylvania. 2016 $160,000
Mon Valley Initiative to support the Workforce and Business Development program. 2016 $100,000
TRWIB, Inc. to provide meaningful paid summer work experience to disadvantaged youth ages 14- 21 in Allegheny County. 2016 $100,000
University of Pittsburgh for 2016 operating support. 2016 $50,000
POISE Foundation for operating support. 2016 $150,000
Citizens for Pennsylvania's Future to support PennFuture's Clean Energy Pittsburgh project. 2016 $125,000
Saint Vincent College to increase the endowment of the Archabbot Douglas R. Nowicki, O.S.B. Minority Scholarship Fund. 2016 $100,000
YouthPlaces transition grant to stabilize YouthPlaces financial situation and programming. 2016 $125,000
Pittsburgh Voyager d/b/a RiverQuest to support the replacement of the propulsion system on the RiverQuest boat. 2016 $50,000
University of Pittsburgh for a 2016 Kaufman New Initiative research grant titled, “Genetic Programming of a Neuroprotective Pathway in Fly Models of Neurodegeneration” by Dr. Elias Aizenman (PI) and Dr. Michael Palladino (Co-Investigator). 2016 $300,000
University of Pittsburgh for a 2016 Kaufman New Initiative research grant titled, “Trapped Diamond Nanocrystals for Precision Gravitational Measurements and Tests of Quantum Gravity” by Dr. Brian D'Urso (PI) and Dr. Gurudev Dutt (Co-Investigator). 2016 $300,000
Pennsylvania State University for a 2016 Kaufman New Initiative research grant titled, “Discovery and Characterization of Novel RNA Switch Chemistry and Biology via RNA Structure-seq” by Dr. Paul Babitzke (PI), Dr. Sarah M. Assmann (Co-Investigator), and Dr. Philip C. Bevilacqua (Co-Investigator). 2016 $300,000
University of Pennsylvania for a 2016 Kaufman New Initiative research grant titled, “Single-cell dissection of social behavior in ant brains" by Dr. Roberto Bonasio (PI) and Dr. Arjun Raj (Co-Investigator). 2016 $300,000
Pennsylvania State University for a 2016 Kaufman New Investigator research grant titled, “Reducing selection bias in gravitational wave detection of compact binary mergers” by Dr. Chad Hanna (PI). 2016 $150,000
University of Pennsylvania for a 2016 Kaufman New Investigator research grant titled, “Neuroepigenetic Remodeling in Transcription and Behavior” by Dr. Elizabeth Heller (PI). 2016 $150,000
Carnegie Mellon University for a 2016 Kaufman New Investigator research grant titled, “Proximity effects and topological spin currents in van derWaals heterostructures” by Dr. Benjamin Hunt (PI). 2016 $150,000
University of Pennsylvania for a 2016 Kaufman New Investigator research grant titled, “Coordination Chemistry and Catalysis using Molecular-Scale Electric Fields” by Dr. Neil Tomson (PI). 2016 $150,000
Artists Image Resource for FY 2016 and FY 2017 operating support. 2016 $28,000
New Century Careers, Inc. for a pre-apprenticeship machinist training program for youth ages 18-26. 2016 $78,000
Construction Junction, Inc. to support The Pillow Projects' dance series “Thought Projects.” 2016 $10,000
Allegheny County Bar Foundation to provide free legal representation to low income individuals seeking simple divorces. 2016 $30,000
Community Theater Project Corporation to support fall 2016 programming. 2016 $55,000
Hill Dance Academy Theatre to support an artistic partnership with Howard University. 2016 $50,000
Partnership for Minority HIV/AIDS Prevention to support 2016-2017 programming of Sembene: The Film and Arts Festival. 2016 $25,000
University of Pittsburgh to support the 2017 production of the play “Baltimore.” 2016 $15,000
Allegheny Land Trust for matching funds to support purchase of 35 acres in the Camp Meeting Woods Biological Diversity Area for permanent greenspace. 2016 $30,000
Pittsburgh Habitat for Humanity for the Fund for Humanity. 2016 $60,000
Conservation Pennsylvania to register and mobilize traditionally under-represented voters in Allegheny County. 2016 $35,000
Human Services Center Corporation to support Out-of-School Programs. 2016 $100,000
Legacy Arts Project to support 1Hood Media's 1Hood Select program for young arts professionals. 2016 $15,000
Regional Opportunity Center d/b/a Vibrant Pittsburgh to support Vibrant Pittsburgh's operations for 2016. 2016 $50,000
The Pittsburgh Promise for the scholarship program. 2016 $875,000
University of Pittsburgh to support research to identify sound policy and practice improvements in meeting the needs of informal caregivers who provide healthcare for senior populations. 2016 $350,000
Allegheny County Department of Human Services to support the Continuum of Care Supportive Services Fund to assist homeless housing providers who receive Federal Housing and Urban Development funding to address service shortfalls and federal match requirements. 2016 $100,000
Blind and Vision Rehabilitation Services of Pgh for rehabilitative services and visual devices for individuals who receive low vision services, are legally blind, and who do not qualify for federal assistance. 2016 $75,000
Jeremiah's Place to support critical needs of low-income, single mothers that utilize its crisis nursery. 2016 $43,000
Jewish Healthcare Foundation of Pittsburgh to create and advance a community vision for adolescent behavioral health early detection and intervention. 2016 $75,000
Propel Schools Foundation to pilot a new school-based mental wellness program in partnership with Turtle Creek Valley MH/MR. 2016 $70,000
Pittsburgh Youth Chorus for FY 2016 operating support. 2016 $4,500
Homeless Children's Education Fund to support a pilot project to improve service to unaccompanied homeless youth. 2016 $25,000
Afrika YETU for FY 2017 and FY 2018 operating support. 2016 $30,000
Brew House Association, Inc. to support the 2017 Distillery program. 2016 $15,000
City of Asylum Pittsburgh to support the expansion of free, year-round programming. 2016 $65,000