The Pittsburgh Foundation

Grants Awarded Through Application

Use the drop-down boxes below to search the listing of discretionary grants awarded through our application process. The Foundation awards discretionary grants in these strategic focus areas: Self-Sufficient Individuals and Families, Healthy Communities, Vibrant Democracy and Community Projects.

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Focus Area


Grantee Purpose Year Sort ascending Amount
Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council to support core assistance programs for the region's artists and arts organizations. 2015 $90,000
Jewish Residential Services, Inc. to support the Howard Levine Clubhouse's programming while it completes a capital/endowment campaign. 2015 $50,000
Midwife Center for Birth and Women's Health to support the expansion of services targeting vulnerable populations. 2015 $100,000
Pittsburgh Cultural Trust to support the public art components of the 2015 and 2016 Three Rivers Arts Festivals. 2015 $50,000
Thomas Merton Center, Inc. to increase civic participation in public transit planning, operations and funding activities. 2015 $40,000
Regional Housing Legal Services to work with the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency to shape flexible guidelines for anticipated federal funding to address the affordable housing needs of highly vulnerable populations. 2015 $50,000
Three Rivers Community Foundation to support the Teens for Change youth program. 2015 $40,000
Three Rivers Mothers' Milk Bank to establish a milk bank to serve Neonatal Intensive Care Units of Southwestern PA. 2015 $85,000
Three Rivers Youth to support the expansion of the mental health care capacity for at-risk youth and families. 2015 $125,000
Trade Institute of Pittsburgh to expand its brick masonry training program and launch trainings in stone masonry and roofing. 2015 $100,000
Unseam'd Shakespeare Company in support of the 2015 summer season. 2015 $9,250
Children's Institute of Pittsburgh to support the expansion of the Neurodevelopmental Service. 2015 $100,000
Children's Sickle Cell Foundation, Inc. to support the Living Well with Sickle Cell Initiative to help children with sickle cell disease live healthier lives. 2015 $50,000
NEED (Negro Educational Emergency Drive) to support the 2015-16 NEED Historically Black Colleges & Universities Academy. 2015 $100,000
Family Services of Western Pennsylvania to expand the Older Adult Services programming. 2015 $100,000
Hazelwood Initiative, Inc. to support the Hazelwood Housing Development Fund to increase homeownership opportunities for female heads of households. 2015 $100,000
Braddock Redux to provide at-risk youth in the Braddock and Wilkinsburg communities with work readiness, employment and academic enrichment capacity during the 2015-2016 school year. 2015 $45,000
Allegheny County Parks Foundation to support the Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania's installation of 100 Chimney Swift nest towers in nine Allegheny County parks. 2015 $75,000
TRWIB, Inc. to expand the Pittsburgh Works Initiative to raise the quality of services for job seekers, respond to employer demand and path more people into in-demand careers at family-sustaining wages. 2015 $100,000
United Methodist Church Union to increase literacy/reading proficiency for students in two Northside elementary schools. 2015 $6,500
Manchester Bidwell Corporation to support the Manchester Craftsmen's Guild's Youth and & Arts Apprenticeship Training Program. 2015 $75,000
Kane Area Community Center to provide summer and out-of-school programming through the “Kane Kids Club” program. 2015 $15,000
FamilyLinks to support the expansion of its Downtown Outreach Center and Shelter program serving runaway, homeless, and street youth. 2015 $150,000
Allegheny County Department of Human Services to develop and implement a client engagement strategy to improve service delivery. 2015 $200,000
Allegheny County Department of Human Services to support the Continuum of Care Supportive Services Fund to assist homeless housing providers who receive HUD funding commitments to address service shortfalls and federal match requirements. 2015 $100,000
University of Pittsburgh for 2015 operating support for the Institute of Politics. 2015 $50,000
Jewish Association on Aging to support implementation of the Hearthstone “I'm Still Here” program. 2015 $50,000
Jewish Family and Children's Service to support a collaboration with Jeremiah's Place to help low-income, single parents address barriers to self-sufficiency. 2015 $39,000
Community Empowerment Association, Inc. to support four family events in 2015. 2015 $5,000
Mon Valley Initiative for 2015 support of the Workforce and Business Development Program. 2015 $100,000
Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania to support exhibition components and programming focused on the African American experience within the “We Can Do It!” exhibition and programs. 2015 $25,000
Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh to support The Wonder of Learning exhibition. 2015 $25,000
The Forbes Funds for the 2015 Management Assistance Grants Program. 2015 $50,000
Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc. d/b/a NeighborWorks for the NeighborWorks Leadership Collaboratory to develop and train emerging grassroots leaders in distressed communities.
2015 $50,000
Pittsburgh Musical Theater to support the expansion of the Creative Learning Center program. 2015 $25,000
The Pittsburgh Promise to support The Pittsburgh Promise Scholarship Program. 2015 $750,000
Glade Run Lutheran Services to support programs that meet the needs for children with autism and their families. 2015 $40,000
Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy to support STEM-focused environmental education programs. 2015 $75,000
Allegheny Conference on Community Development for 2015 programs of the Sustainable Opportunity agenda. 2015 $160,000
Community Theater Project Corporation for Afronaut(a) to present the 2015 Salon Series. 2015 $12,500
University of Pennsylvania for a 2015 Kaufman New Initiative research grant entitled, "Mechanical signaling in early hearts: Theory & Experiment" by Dr. Andrea Liu (PI), Dr. Benjamin L. Prosser (Co-Investigator), and Dr. Dennis E. Discher (Co-Investigator). 2015 $300,000
University of Pennsylvania for a 2015 Kaufman New Initiative research grant entitled, "New Approach to Dark Matter" by Dr. Justin Khoury (PI) and Dr. Tom Lubensky (Co-Investigator). 2015 $300,000
Carnegie Mellon University for a 2015 Kaufman New Initiative research grant entitled, "Mind-altering bugs": Dissecting the gut-microbiome-brain connection using a multidisciplinary approach in Drosophila melanogaster" by Dr. Brooke McCartney (PI), Dr. N. Luisa Hiller (Co-Investigator), and Dr. Jonathan Minden (Co-Investigator). 2015 $300,000
University of Pennsylvania for a 2015 Kaufman New Investigator research grant entitled, "The Nuclear Pore as a Novel Scaffold for Spatial Genome Organization" by Dr. Maya Capelson (PI). 2015 $150,000
Lehigh University for a 2015 Kaufman New Investigator research grant entitled, "Development of Molecular Biradicaloids for Organic Electronic Materials" by Dr. Mark Chen (PI). 2015 $150,000
Duquesne University for a 2015 Kaufman New Investigator research grant entitled, "Experimental quantum emulation of two-dimensional topological insulators and Majorana fermions using ultracold atoms" by Dr. Theodore Corcovilos (PI). 2015 $150,000
Pennsylvania State University for a 2015 Kaufman New Investigator research grant entitled, "Quantum Measurement and Back-action Manipulation of Many Ultra-cold Atoms" by Dr. Nathan Gemelke (PI). 2015 $150,000
University of Pennsylvania for a 2015 Kaufman New Investigator research grant entitled, "Uncovering the Molecular Basis for Ice Recognition by Thermal Hysteresis Proteins" by Dr. Amish Patel (PI). 2015 $150,000
University of Pennsylvania for a 2015 Kaufman New Investigator research grant entitled, "Building Synthetic Cell-Like Compartments to Investigate the Impacts of Cell Size and Shape on Intracellular Function" by Dr. Matthew Good (PI). 2015 $150,000
Ursinus College for a 2015 Kaufman New Investigator research grant entitled, "Interaction of Psychiatric Risk Factor Ankyrin-G and Slitrk2 in Excitatory Synapse Formation" by Dr. Jennifer Round (PI). 2015 $150,000