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Why does Pittsburgh have 90 neighborhoods?

Pasted to the wall of Department of City Planning is a large, colorful map of Pittsburgh. It’s divided into seven shades, denoting city planning sectors and parks, and a light red line squiggles throughout the jagged map.

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Pittsburgh Foundation announces $37 million bequest

The Pittsburgh Foundation is tackling issues of suburban poverty - particularly affecting youth and families around Sewickley - with a recent endowment of $37 million. Learn more from Jeanne Pearlman, senior VP for program and policy, and Sarah Heres, president of Quaker Valley School Board.

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Power to women in the arts, here and elsewhere

It was announced that a San Antonio couple, art collectors Steven Alan Bennett and Dr. Elaine Melotti Schmidt, will begin its inaugural Bennett Prize, the largest prize offered solely to women painters (painting in the figurative realist style).