Apply For a Grant

Application Process

Prior to submitting a full proposal, applicants are encouraged to send a Letter of Inquiry that includes a brief statement about the organization, the proposed project, its intended results and a general idea of project costs. The applicant will receive an electronic notification that the Letter of Inquiry has been received and a Grant ID number has been assigned.

Program staff will review each Letter of Inquiry; a process that could take six to eight weeks to complete.  At that point, applicants will either receive an invitation to submit a full proposal or feedback regarding why the proposal could not be funded.

The Common Grant Application provides the guidelines for submitting a full proposal.   Additional information detailing the specific project goals and budget is required to be considered for a grant.  Generally, Program Staff will request a meeting with the applicant and/or a site visit once the full proposal is submitted. The Board of Directors, which meets five times each year, makes final decisions on all grants.

Who can apply?

Grants are awarded to nonprofit organizations that are defined as tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. In order to be eligible for a grant from the Community Endowment, nonprofit organizations must be located within Allegheny County or demonstrate that the population served resides in Allegheny County.  The Pittsburgh Foundation does not award grants from Community Endowment funds to individuals, nor does the Foundation generally award grants for annual operating costs, sectarian purposes, private or parochial schools, individual public schools, individual hospitals, organizations addressing the needs relating to single diseases, endowment campaigns, capital costs, special events, conferences, scholarships, internships or awards.


The Pittsburgh Foundation
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For unrestricted or medical research grants, please follow the appropriate guidlines for reporting.