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In the ceramic studio with Deavron "The Urban Explorer" Dailey. March 2021. (Photo credit: Nathan Shaulis.)
In the ceramic studio with Deavron "The Urban Explorer" Dailey. March 2021. (Photo credit: Nathan Shaulis.)

Individual artists face barriers to accessing already limited resources to support their work. Furthermore, while art is generally valued, data shows that the artist is less so. The Pittsburgh Foundation’s individual artist grant-making criteria strives to recognize the artist as a whole person, and not as a commodity. Realizing that each artist comes to the Foundation with varied lived experiences, nuanced art forms and discrete needs, we celebrate the artist community writ large. By funding the artistic experiences of love, joy, pain, celebration, social inquiry and humanity, it is the Foundation’s hope that the Pittsburgh region will be exposed to the breadth of human experience and the unparalleled talent the region has to offer. 


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Individual artists applying through foundation-directed grantmaking:

  • Must apply with a fiscal sponsor. See fiscal sponsor guidelines
  • Priority will be given to artists working at the intersections of equity, racial and social justice.
  • Priority will be given to artists explicitly considering and responding to the unique needs, challenges, and strengths of low-income and/or Black, Indigenous and people of color communities. 
Spring grant cycle Feb. 26, 2024 by 5 p.m.
(for funding decision by June 6.)
Fall grant cycle July 11, 2024 by 5 p.m.
(for funding decision by Oct 30.)

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Other supports for individual artists are offered through special initiatives, which each have specific guidelines and application processes. Visit the grant opportunities page to learn more about each program.

Nicole Henninger, program officer for arts and culture CONTACT: 
Nicole Henninger
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Taliya Allen
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Katie Potts
Program Assistant, Arts and Culture
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