The Pittsburgh Foundation

Branding Guidelines

The following sections describe how to use The Pittsburgh Foundation's name and logo when publicizing funding. Our staff is available to assist you.


To request access to logos for The Pittsburgh Foundation, please contact the juliank [at] (Communications office)

Publicity Guidelines


The Pittsburgh Foundation is pleased to have provided funding to your organization.

Please include an acknowledgement of The Pittsburgh Foundation's funding of your projects in all press releases, newsletters, brochures, annual reports and other promotional materials if space permits. By doing so, you will help the community understand how The Pittsburgh Foundation supports outstanding organizations in the region.

How to list the grants

This information must be included. Please acknowledge the individual funds that have made your grant possible, as well as The Pittsburgh Foundation.

Funding for the [INSERT PROJECT NAME] was provided by the [INSERT FUND NAME] of The Pittsburgh Foundation.

The name of the funds that provided your grant are listed in your grant payment letter.

Always capitalize the “T” in The Pittsburgh Foundation.

Tag us in your social media

When you post about your grant or funded projects on social media, please tag The Pittsburgh Foundation on the following social media channels and list the individual fund name, as described above, if applicable:

For media inquiries, please contact Doug Root at 412-394-2647, or via email:

rootd [at] (Email us)

Note: Please do not send grant follow-up reports to the Communications Office.

Contact Communications

If you have questions about these guidelines or have other media-related questions, please call 412.391.5122 or contact us via email: 

juliank [at] (email us)