The Pittsburgh Foundation

Branding Guidelines

The following sections provide helpful facts and updated information about The Pittsburgh Foundation. Our staff is available to assist you.

Media Inquiries

For media inquiries, please contact Doug Root at 412-394-2647, or via email:

rootd [at] (Email us)


To request access to logos for The Pittsburgh Foundation, please contact the juliank [at] (Communications office)

Publicity Guidelines


The Pittsburgh Foundation is pleased to have provided funding to your organization.

Please include an acknowledgement of The Pittsburgh Foundation's funding of your projects in all press releases, newsletters, brochures, annual reports and other promotional materials. By doing so, you will help the community understand how The Pittsburgh Foundation supports outstanding organizations in the region.

How to list the grants:

This information must be included. Please acknowledge the individual funds that have made your grant possible, as well as The Pittsburgh Foundation.


Funding for the XYZ project was provided by the Robert C. Smith Fund and the Betsy R. Clark Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation.

The name of the funds that provided your grant are listed in your grant approval letter.

Always capitalize the “T” in The Pittsburgh Foundation.

Additional text to include, space permitting:

In 2017, the Foundation and its Supporting Organizations awarded $44.5 million in grants to a vast array of nonprofit organizations, students through scholarships, and medical researchers, based on donor interests and specific purposes of individual funds.

Since 1945, The Pittsburgh Foundation has been connecting its generous donors with the critical needs of our community. Donors who have established funds through the Foundation can support virtually any area of charitable interest in Pittsburgh, or anywhere in the United States. Because the Foundation is a public charity, donors benefit from significant tax advantages.

Endowment funds held by the Foundation range from $10,000 to $40 million, created by individuals and organizations with a passion for Pittsburgh and a deep commitment to their community. More than 2,200 individuals, families and organizations have established funds at The Pittsburgh Foundation, which exists in perpetuity- growing each year — to provide an ever — increasing resource to benefit the community.

Put us on your PR mailing list.

We would appreciate receiving copies of news releases and newsletter articles that mention The Pittsburgh Foundation, as well as any newspaper articles that mention that you have received funding from us. Please send copies to:

Communications Office
The Pittsburgh Foundation
Five PPG Place, Suite 250
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Note: Please do not send grant follow-up reports to the Communications Office.

Contact Communications

If you have questions about these guidelines or have other media-related questions, please call 412-391-5122 or contact us via email: 

juliank [at] (email us)