The Pittsburgh Foundation

Emil Winter Family Fund

Established: 1/20/1975

Emil and Mary Winter

Emil and Mary Winter.

Emil was a Pittsburgh banker, industrialist and influential force in the Pittsburgh steel industry at the turn of the century. He died in New York City on July 4, 1941, at the age of 83.

Born in Pittsburgh in 1857, Emil went into business at a young age. His first company was a wholesale meat packing operation on Herr's Island, which he sold in 1902. From there he moved on to steel where he was instrumental in the introduction of the "Ottobriede" method, a process for making seamless steel tubes in the U.S.

One of several founders of The Pittsburgh Steel Company and their mills in Monessen, Pa., he went on to become Vice President and Director of the Pittsburgh Steel Products Company. Emil also acquired large deposits of magnesite ores in Austria and constructed one of the largest plants in that country for ore-processing.

Emil held many key executive positions in industry during his lifetime. He helped to found The American Refractories Company and financed the development of the "Hansgirg process" for extracting magnesium from magnesite ore. He was also President of The American Austrian Magnesite Corp. and The American Magnesium Metals Corp.

He purchased a controlling interest in The Workingman's Savings & Trust Company in Pittsburgh, which later merged with The Real Estate Loan and Trust Company to form the bank which he led until the time of his death.

Emil and his wife Mary were great patrons of the arts during their lives. The fund was established for the charitable purposes of The Pittsburgh Foundation.

Type of Fund

  • Unrestricted