The Pittsburgh Foundation

Reverend Glenn Grayson

Reverend Glenn Grayson joined The Pittsburgh Foundation Board in 2019. In December 1996, he joined the Wesley Center AME Zion Church and for 20 years he has been a hands-on minister with a heart for uplifting the disenfranchised in his community.  In 2002, he founded the Center that C.A.R.E.S., located in the heart of Pittsburgh’s Hill District, which serves more than 2,500 students and their families. C.A.R.E.S., under Reverend Grayson’s leadership, offers new opportunities to children and adults through recreation, education and services in the Hill District and surrounding communities. Today, C.A.R.E.S. is a partner with many youth-serving organizations. 

In 2010, Reverend Grayson’s son, Jeron Grayson was shot and killed at a post-homecoming party at California University of Pennsylvania. To honor his memory and to assure that other families do not have to suffer through such a devastating loss, in 2014, Reverend Grayson opened the Jeron X. Grayson Center to serve Hill District youth by actively supporting their efforts to become confident, caring, and competent adults. The Grayson Center offers career development and employment, academic counseling, STEAM competencies and counseling services, while promoting peer-to-peer interactions through cultural and educational experiences.