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Winner & Nominees: Sally Kalson Award

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2020 WINNER: Helen Ubiñas

Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Helen Ubiñas is the first-ever winner of The Kalson Award for her series of columns on the tragedies of gun violence. Read the news release to learn more about Ubiñas.

Helen Ubinas
Helen Ubinas (photo by Jessica Griffin)



The nominees for the Kalson Award's inaugural year are listed below with links to their nominated pieces. 

Natalie Bencivenga | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Lisa Gartner | Philadelphia Inquirer

Kate Giammarise, Rich Lord, Lillian Thomas, Chris Huffaker, Lacretia Wimbley, Matt McKinney, Michael Santiago, Stephanie Strasburg, Stacy Innerst, Andrew Rush and Zack Tanner | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Brittney Hailer | Public Source

Samantha Malamed | Philadelphia Inquirer

Oliver Morrison | Public Source

Dylan Segelbaum | The York Daily Record

Mike Wereschagin | The Caucus