The Pittsburgh Foundation

A. P. L. Turner Memorial Fund

Established: 11/25/1952

A.P.L. Turner preferred anonymity and requested that his fund be named only by his initials. Little is known about him but that he requested that the fund offer medical assistance to the needy in Allegheny County.

One of the charities supported by the fund is "Eyes for the Needy," which was renamed in recent years "New Eyes for the Needy." The New Jersey-based national organization, founded in 1932, provides prescription lenses for those in need of eyewear. The organization sends many of its donations across the country and overseas to medical missionaries.

The fund also remains devoted to the medical assistance of the needy of Allegheny County "in measures as are not provided by the Dept. of Public Assistance or any other governmental agencies in keeping with the abiding interest of A.P.L. Turner."

Type of Fund

  • Designated