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Sofie Zopf Fund

Established: 12/19/1985

This fund was a gift from Betty B. Safier in memory of the family governess, Sofie Zopf, who devoted more than 55 years to her family and children.

The governess, named Fraulein Zopf, was a trained kindergarten teacher who worked as a governess in several homes before going to work for the Safier family.

Betty Safier recalls that when she arrived, her brother was five years old. She cared for the family through two generations, remaining after the children were grown to help Betty's mother. In later years, she worked for Betty. Sofie retired at the age of 85. She returned to her native Germany and died at the age of 90 or 91.

A frugal person, Sofie saved much of her money and left it in the care of Betty Safier, asking that the money be given to her sister in Germany. Betty tried several times to send the money to her sister, but her sister insisted that she didn't need it and asked that the money be given to charity. Sofie's sister died at the age of 94.

The fund benefits the needs of children.

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