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Harry Wallace Kamin and Dorothy McNally Kamin Fund

Established: 6/9/2006

The Kamin Family has been synonymous with real estate in Pittsburgh for nearly 100 years, an enterprise that was founded by Harry Kamin's father, Herman, a pioneer in the local building industry at the turn of the century.

While Harry initially became an attorney, he later joined his father in the real estate business. He met and married Dorothy McNally of Pittsburgh and New York City in 1939.

Mrs. Kamin was born in Pittsburgh but raised in New York City where she attended the National Academy of Fine and Applied Arts. Although she was artistically gifted, she gave up a scholarship to the Art Institute of New York to help her parents who were struggling financially during the depression, working as a model for Lord & Taylor and other clothing companies.

Her lifelong passion for the arts was later realized through her devotion to family and active work as a volunteer in Pittsburgh. Mrs. Kamin was PTA President of Linden Elementary School, President of the Women's Association of the Pittsburgh Symphony Society and area Chairman of WQED.

"My mother, who was a true diplomat, had the insight and the knack to make things happen," said her son, Robert Kamin in 2005. "If she knew that someone had the ability to improve their life, she'd be the one to find ways to motivate them."

The Kamin's sons, Robert and Daniel, established the Harry Wallace and Dorothy Kamin Fund after their mother passed away on Oct. 7, 2005 at the age of 91. The fund recognizes their mother's love of the arts and humanities as well as arboretums and conservatories.

Type of Fund

  • Advised