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VIA Fund for the Czech Republic

Established: 8/28/2002

Czechoslovakia, a sovereign state that existed from 1918 to 1993, was founded in Pittsburgh when The Pittsburgh Agreement, written by a contingency of Czechs and Slovaks and signed on May 31, 1918, unified two countries into a democratic nation and helped preserve Czech and Slovak culture through two world wars.

It makes sense, then, that Pittsburgh would also be home to Friends of Via, a partner organization to Nadace Via, an international organization for the protection and revitalization of Czech communities. Via is founded on principles of community and philanthropic development, and seeks to empower Czech people to rebuild and enliven abandoned community spaces to foster a sense of collaboration and connection.

The organization has rebuilt monuments in public spaces, helped smaller Czech nonprofits gain access to technology and other modern resources, and organized cultural festivals and gatherings in Czech communities around the world. The organization also provides education and outreach to connect Czech citizens and their descendants to their national and cultural heritage.

The Via Fund for the Czech Republic allows Americans to easily support this international philanthropic organization as they continue to collaboration, celebration, and community organizing for the betterment of Czech society.

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To learn more about The Pittsburgh Agreement and Czech/Slovak history in Pittsburgh, see:

WESA. November 3, 2017

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