The Pittsburgh Foundation

Google Pittsburgh Employees Giving Circle

Established: 12/18/2013

Beginning in February of 2014, 22 Google Pittsburgh employees joined with The Pittsburgh Foundation in a Giving Circle. The Circle explored the issue of poverty in Allegheny County through accessing nonprofit organizations, learning how they fund their projects, going on site visits, and conducting a proposal process.

Grants will be awarded to local organizations that 1) focus their efforts on meeting basic needs for vulnerable populations and 2) provide tools and choices that help break the cycle of generational poverty.

You, too, may join with the Circle by focusing your philanthropic effort toward addressing poverty. Your donations will support the grants chosen for funding by the Circle which will be directed to the following organizations: Bethlehem Haven, Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild, Rosedale Block Cluster, Sarah Heinz House, and Schenley Heights Community Development Program.

Type of Fund

  • Advised