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Donors Carole Kamin and Doug Gouge speak with staff from Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh at an Impact Giving Circle event. Through the Center for Philanthropy's Impact Giving Circles, donors meet with subject matter experts and pool philanthropic resources for maximum impact.
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Helping donors learn, collaborate and grow as effective philanthropists

How will your intellectual and financial resources have the greatest impact on the issues that matter most in our region? Through The Pittsburgh Foundation’s Center for Philanthropy, donors and advisors boost their giving and extend their reach. The Center offers donors expertise in every aspect of philanthropy, from grantmaking and nonprofit management, to personalized education sessions, to guidance on multi-generational giving.

Our financial and program experts frame the issues and provide insights to maximize the impact of your gift and connect you to other likeminded individuals who share your passion for engagement and action. This collaborative and strategic approach fosters informed and effective giving.  Contact us at 412-391-5122 Ext. 266 or  lumleyt [at] (via email) to learn more.

Give with Confidence

Learn what makes nonprofits effective. Understand best practices in charitable giving and delve into nonprofit research, program evaluation and site visits.

Give Strategically

Leverage foundation educational resources such as Giving Circles and Co-Creation Grants to advance your charitable goals.

Give as a Family

Foster philanthropy as a family value by engaging your family in a conversation about giving and legacy.