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Tools to Guide Your Process

The Center for Philanthropy (CFP) provides donors with unprecedented access to the region's leading experts in philanthropic fund management, fundraising, and grantmaking. Working directly with you and your family, CFP staff will help you define your philanthropic objectives, and deeply understand the community issues most important to you and your family.

Tools for Philanthropy

With expertise in the arts, economic development, education, poverty, social services and health, our program staff will help guide your giving toward programs and organizations making the most significant impact in our region. Our financial managers will work directly with you or your financial advisors to achieve your fund management goals.

Every member of the CFP's development and donor services staff has received extensive training in how to guide individuals and groups through the philanthropic process. Using tools such as Legacy Cards, Money Messages, and Picture your Legacy cards developed by the organization 21/64, we will help you develop a personalized philanthropic mission that supports your values and considers the life experiences of all of the family members involved. CFP staff are particularly adept at engaging multiple generations of donors through the process of defining a framework for giving and will provide resources such as this article to help families bridge generational gaps.

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