The Pittsburgh Foundation

Personalized Fund Management

Donor Services Officer Mahogany Thaxton help donors achieve their charitable intent.
Donor Services Officer Mahogany Thaxton and her colleagues help donors achieve their charitable goals.

Fund management is a Center for Philanthropy (CFP) service intended to help The Pittsburgh Foundation donors give more effectively. Individuals, couples, and families with CFP funds have access to a suite of personalized services tailored to each person's charitable intent. CFP donors develop a high-impact philanthropic strategy to leverage their unique resources.

Typically, donors with a CFP fund want to use their philanthopic resources strategically, engage the next generation in their family's charitable ethic, and/or utilize private foundation-level services alongside their convenient donor-advised fund options, and tapping our highly trained staff and expert knowledge of the resources in our region.

Each fund has a recommended standard meeting cycle over the course of two years that is scheduled at the donor's convenience. These meetings can be in-person or via phone or Skype in order to engage multiple generations. Each meeting has a particular objective, whether determining participants' interest in a particular challenge to be addressed, sharing educational resources, or holding discussions that shape and clarify a fund's strategic plan and targeted outcomes. Participants will have the opportunity to go on site visits - small group outings to nonprofit organizations to review funding opportunities.

These case studies provide an in-depth look into the benefits of personalized fund management.