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Small and Mighty: Hilltop Urban Farm

Hilltop Urban Farm

The Pittsburgh Foundation awarded two Small and Mighty grants totalling $30,000 to Hilltop Urban Farm in 2018 and 2019 and $20,000 in 2021. Hilltop Urban Farm serves residents of the 11 south Pittsburgh neighborhoods. The goal of the farm is to promote food education and provide services to neighborhoods classified as food deserts, such as St. Clair where the farm is located.

The grants support a collaboration among the farm and other nonprofits for the farm’s food nutrition education program. The goal is to educate at least 250 south Pittsburgh students during the school year and over the summer about health and wellness and the benefits of urban gardening.

The Small and Mighty grants program, an outcome of the Foundation’s 100 Percent Pittsburgh organizing principle, has, as of Dec. 2019, awarded $1.25 million to nonprofit organizations with budgets of less than $600,000.

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