b'EMPOWERING DONORS THROUGH THE PAYING COURAGE CENTER FOR PHILANTHROPYFORWARD Longtime colleague Ellen MazoJacob Wideman, son of acclaimed author John Wideman, writes about the career of remarkablebefore Jacob was to go on trial for the stabbing death of Pittsburgh journalist Sally Kalson,a friend at summer camp.and the family-and-friendsSally made extraordinary contributions to how we partnership with the Foundationunderstood ourselves as Pittsburghers at home, in our to honor her writing legacy.country and throughout the world. Her 30-year career was marked by many awards from the profession, which drew acclaim from her peers and admiration from devoted AS SALLY KALSON LIKED TO TELL IT:She warned the manreaders. Her prolific career was cut short, however. Sally who had asked her out, and who would eventually becomedied of ovarian cancer on Sept. 24, 2014. She was 63. her husband, that dating her would be an occupationalIn the ensuing years, the continued reminders of the hazard. As if Ed Feinstein had not already experiencedimpact of Sallys workincluding calling out harmful Sallys solid, moral center. For this intrepid journalist atpolicies and holding authority figures accountablehave the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, there was right and there wasinspired Feinstein; daughter, Zoe; and David and Susan wrong, and Sally very much wanted to right the wrong. Kalson, Sallys brother and sister-in-law, to establish Her Window on Nicaragua dispatches brought tothe Sally Kalson Courage in Journalism Fund at The our doorsteps western Pennsylvanians striving to helpPittsburgh Foundation. The match makes sense: The those entrapped in the morass of that war-torn country;Foundation is a dedicated funder of public journalism her Lords of the Court series opened courtroom doorsprograms attempting to produce news and information to reveal the audacious arrogance of certain judges; andthat ever-diminishing commercial media outlets no Going Hungry Here at Home opened our eyes, and ourlonger provide. And, its staff has deep experience with hearts, to those who needed us most. running awards and scholarship programs. Sallys writing on the human condition had breadthThe Foundation soon will establish an advisory and depth. It could be sharply localsuch as analyzingcommittee that will meet annually to select a journalist public art in Pittsburghor broadly directed to thein western Pennsylvania in broadcast, print or social world, as in her unflinching exploration of the life ofmedia for special recognition and a still-to-be-determined 12'