b'THE PITTSBURGHREPORT TO THE FOUNDATIONCOMMUNITY (LR) Samuel Stephenson, Ariana Taylor, Anna Gredler and Kiki Lagorio are Suzuki cello students with instructor Beth Goldstein-McKee at Hope Academy of Music and the Arts. The after-school arts education outreach program is using a grant from the Mac Miller Fund to double the size of its Suzuki Music Program. Suzuki program, which teaches children and youtha favorite hangout of Millers, and the namesake of his to read music and play the violin, cello, guitar andfirst album, Blue Slide Park.flute. Another $50,000 in support went to MusiCares,It was eerie, Allderdice High School classmate a charity of the Recording Academy, to establish theSeamus Roddy wrote in a Nov. 2018 tribute published MusiCares Mac Miller Legacy Fund to help young adultsin the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. He was referring to the in the music industry who are dealing with substancelast song played at the vigil, 2009, and the aftermath.abuse. That organization provides a variety of safetyIt was the last time he was Malcolm McCormick; net programs, including addiction recovery services,the last time Malcolm McCormick came to this park to people in the music industry. and was just another kid. After the song ended there Warning reporters covering the press conferencewas silenceraised candles and lights flashing, tears that she would be telling a lot of grandmother stories,falling and arms around shoulders, wrote Roddy. The Weiss said her grandson had a connection to musiccrowd didnt budge, didnt back down. One minute and developed a strong stage presence as early as age 6,became two and two became three and the park was when he learned how to play the piano, drums and bass.either going to explode or we were going to stay silent Malcolm was a special grandchild. These grants are aforever. Then, mercifully, someone belted out, We love way to keep alive his love of music and to give access toyou, Malcolm! And that seemed right. Those kids roared the arts to people who otherwise might not be able totogether for the last time. have it. He would be so pleased with this.Days after Millers death, thousands of fans attendedKitty Julian is director of Communicationsa vigil in his honor at Blue Slide Playground in Frick Park,at The Pittsburgh Foundation.23'