b'BEYOND SALVE ADDRESSING SIGNIFICANT COMMUNITY ISSUESAND SOLACEby Lisa Schroeder As a philanthropic first responderIn the conversations I had with Pittsburgh friends after last years mass shooting after the shootings, it was clear that the attack was a at Tree of Life Synagogue, shock to the soul of the city. People were asking tough The Pittsburgh Foundation gainedquestions: How could this happen in our townin expertise it never wanted. Now, asSquirrel Hill, the actual neighborhood of Mister Rogers? the one-year anniversary is marked,How could the person charged in the shootingborn the Foundations new leader commitshere, schooled here, employed herebe so consumed to long-range work countering by hate and fear that he plotted how to kill as many white supremacist, fear-of-the-Otherpeople as possible inside a house of worship? ideology that has led to carnageNow, as this terrible anniversary is marked, I am across the country.honored to be back in Pittsburgh heading the Foundation charged with improving quality of life across all our communities. In the face of tragedy, we at the Foundation IT HAS BEEN NEARLY A YEARsince our region was rockedgained experience we never wanted as we took action to by the horrific mass shooting that took the lives of 11bind the communitys wounds. We raised emergency Pittsburghers and wounded six others during Shabbatfunds, supported public vigils, brought in crisis experts services at Tree of Life synagogue in Squirrel Hill.and advised organizations on how to provide needed On that Saturday in October 2018, when the shoot- services. We are good at offering salve and solace, and ings happened, I was living in my hometown of Baltimore,it is important to do so. serving as president of a place-based foundation. AsBut the big question that came out as a community the world watchedand weptwith Pittsburgh, therefrain, really, in the days after the Tree of Life attack, is response and what is inherently special about thisthe one we are still asking with regard to our responsibility communitythe commitment to taking collaborativeas a community foundation: action, the grace in the face of stress and the naturalWhat are we going to do about the hate that fuels inclination toward sympathy and empathywere onthe violence?full display. 4'