b'OPENING MESSAGEideologies, life experiences and backgroundsinternationally famous rapper Mac Miller; and come together sharing love of community and aa host of environmental challenges. deep desire to improve life prospects for others. The Foundations actions on some of these Evidence of the positive impact of donorsproblems are described on the following pages. and grantees on the people they benefit There also are stories of how donors, grantees, primarily the most vulnerable in our regioniscivic organizations, business leaders, govern-laid out on every page of this report. Much of thisment officials and other stakeholders have been can be attributed, again, to strong leadership.empowered by the Foundation and its affiliate, For the past five years, Max King led ourThe Community Foundation of Westmoreland Foundation with great skill. As the storiesCounty, to lead in this challenging period. in this report attest, he increased our effec- Next year, we will mark our 75th anniversary tiveness in grantmaking, development andof working of, by, and for the community to donor relations, and financial management.improve the lives of all residents. As we take our He led Board, staff and stakeholders to developfirst steps into the next 75 under new leadership, 100Percent Pittsburgh, an organizing principlewe will have decades of experiencefailures that dedicates a significant amount of ouras well as successesto guide us. If we are grant resources and our advocacy power toattuned to our mission, we will be listening creating opportunities for those left out of thecarefully to the people we serve and align our revitalized economy.priorities to the most pressing community needs. This set the stage for new leadership,On our leadership watch, we take Mr. Coneys continuing the mission of improving qualitywords to heart: the foundation will act boldly of life and addressing critically important issueson community issues; it will invest generously in our region. While a turbulent and divisivein the communitys future; and it will continue climate continues, we know that communityto grow as the communitys charitable bank. foundations have been able to bring people together to make progress.Edith L. Shapira, M.D.This has been the case despite an absenceChair, Board of Directorsof leadership nationally and internationally. That leadership vacuum is evident each dayLisa Schroeder,as problems that threaten the very life of ourPresident and CEOcommunities go unaddressed and opportunities that would improve quality of life are missed. OCTOBER 2019Unfortunately, Pittsburgh has been a staging ground for many of those problems: white supremacist ideology that led to the massacre of 11 worshippers at a Squirrel Hill synagogue; an African American high school student shot in the back and killed by police; a raging opioid crisis that took hundreds of lives, including that of Pittsburgh native and 2'