b'THE PITTSBURGHREPORT TO THE FOUNDATIONCOMMUNITY STRENGTH IN UNITYThe WestCo Nonprofit Network engages organizations outsidethe nonprofit space.questions from the leaders of 120 nonprofits. This134gave nonprofit directors a chance to introduce them-selves to these lawmakers, and for them to listen to each other, says Zalich. In May, about 75 executive directors met to discuss the countys new Comprehensive Plan, learn about its specific goals and determine how their organizations will contribute. Now, WestCo leaders are working with The Pittsburgh Foundation to develop a county-wide calendar on which each participating nonprofit can schedule itsNonprofitsprograms for everyone to see. Giovannelli noted that this will facilitate attendance at each others events, but also will avoid scheduling conflicts. This happened to him two years ago when his fundraiser ended up on the same evening as the Party at the Palace Theatre, which is that venues annual event. In June, CFWC granted Central Westmoreland Habitat for Humanity $30,000 to work with Greensburg Community Development Corp. and the Latrobe Art Center to improve the Greensburg park and access to downtown Greensburg. Neighborhood walkways will soon boast signs noting the short distance to a coffee7 8house or museum in the city center, and visitors will experience public artas in the giant bunnyalong their way.Beyond park improvements and signage, KochCommunity Educationalbelieves that as WestCo matures, it will use its collective& Civic Groups Institutionsclout to advocate for projects its members feel are crucial to the regions future success. One example: lack of support systems for the homeless. Most counties have 250 emergency shelter beds, says Koch. We have 38. If we put our advocacy efforts together, we could tackle2 9 27something like that. Coordinating it all and sticking with itthats the hard work of moving forward. Barbara White Stack is a freelance writer.Faith-based MunicipalitiesInstitutions & Municipal Entities'