b'THE PITTSBURGHREPORT TO THE FOUNDATIONCOMMUNITY The Pittsburgh Foundations philanthropic efforts are powered by sub-engines for good four operating supporting organizations, each working in different areas of the community including the sciences and nonprofit sectorthat bolster the Foundations capacity to improve lives in our region. Here are highlights of the past year of projects that are strengthening people and communities and the organizations that serve them.CHARLES E. KAUFMANFOUNDATIONTHE FORBES THE CHARLES E. KAUFMAN FOUNDATIONawarded FUNDS 18 scientific research grants totaling $3.7 million in 2018 and 2019. The grants in biology, chem-istry and physics support research projects, including an investigation into how pandemic TO REACH MORE PEOPLEin communities through- influenza strains form and spread. One project out Allegheny County, The Forbes Funds hasfunded is Eavesdropping on Ants, which uses restructured its grant-making process. As abiology, chemistry and neuroscience to explore result, funds that had covered 1.3 organizationshow social insects, such as the Harpegnathos per grant now benefit 4.6 organizations persaltator, or Indian jumping ant, communicate. grant. With more than 3,100 nonprofits in theThe project also trains undergraduate students county, President and CEO Fred Brown, above,in insect research techniques. Since 2013, the says Forbes highest priority is to increase itsCharles E. Kaufman Foundation has awarded efficiency and effectiveness so it will have a61 grants totaling $12.8 million. greater positive impact on the lives of residents in the region. Also, Forbes is preparing for this years Greater Pittsburgh Nonprofit Partnership summit, which will carry the theme Building a Region that Works for Everyone. 29'