The Pittsburgh Foundation

Social Justice Fund: People of Origin Rightfully Loved and Wanted (P.O.O.R.L.A.W.)

Written by Zoey Angelucci. 
Zoey is a communications intern at the Foundation.

The Pittsburgh Foundation’s Social Justice Fund awarded $25,000 to People of Origin Rightfully Loved and Wanted in 2021. The organization stands up for what’s right no matter what the cost. 

People of Origin Rightfully Loved and Wanted (P.O.O.R.L.A.W.) is a grassroots community-based organization anchored in a social justice framework that integrates education and advocacy. Its programs educate youth, strengthen families and seek to place communities at the center of systemic reform. P.O.O.R.L.A.W. trains Hazelwood youth in economic justice and equity, social justice, leadership, community empowerment and advocacy. Staff also provide individual case management support for residents. The organization’s long-term vision is for Hazelwood’s Black residents to have access to quality education, sustainable employment and resources for quality of life. 

The Social Justice Fund focuses on providing support for organizations engaged in advocacy, mobilization and healing work. Since its launch in 2018, SJF has awarded many organizations with necessary funding.