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Young Black Motivated Kings and Queens

Young Motivated Black Kings and Queens Pittsburgh
Young Motivated Black Kings and Queens Pittsburgh

2023 grant amount: $50,000 over two years

YBMKQ is planning to establish a multi-purpose art studio within the YBMKQ community center dedicated to teaching of the visual and musical art forms. The studio will give young people within surrounding communities the resources and agency to express themselves, process trauma and develop unique methods of learning. We have found that many young people build walls out of fear of failure or fear of judgment. The goal of the art studio is to help young people shed those fears, and find their courage, not only as it pertains to art but also in every aspect of their lives. This grant will provide us with the opportunity to not only create the space for the studio but also to supply it with the equipment and art supplies needed. We are hoping that the second year round of funding will grant us the opportunity to hire paid-staff to facilitate the studio space.

The art studio that we are currently in the naming process of, will be a fully equipped space for young people to have all the necessary resources to bring their visions to life. Moreover, it will have resources to support therapeutic components of the YBMKQ University: Out of School-Time (OST) Programs, both After-School and Summer Learning programs. Young people will have tools for painting, sculpting, to create physical art, and technology for digital art, photography, filming and editing. We will install and give young people access to music studio equipment such as production editing software, mixing boards, and microphones needed to make a polished musical product.