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Alicia Volcy

Alicia Volcy, photo courtesy of the artist.
Alicia Volcy, photo courtesy of the artist.

2023 grant amount: $50,000 over two years

RHYTHM x Design is a groundbreaking project that will be curated by Alicia Volcy, local artist and designer. This venture seeks to increase the number of Black architects with defined specialties, create an archive of work curated by Black architects, and address the mental health impacts of the endemic lack of inclusivity and work-life balance in architecture.

RHYTHM x Design is a transformative six-month residency program designed to support and empower Black architects and designers. Through an annual competition, a local jury will select talented candidates to participate. The residency program will provide upcoming Black architects with the time and space to explore their interests without the barriers and racial disparities that are often present in corporate architecture environments. During the residency, participants will live and work in the vibrant and welcoming community of RHYTHM Square Apartments, in the heart of Pittsburgh. This unique living and working arrangement will provide residents with a furnished apartment, studio space, supplies, a monthly stipend, and resources needed to focus on their creative work, without the financial burden of primary living expenses.

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