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Open Hand Ministries Director of Construction Services Tim Raufer, Director of Family Development Tamika Barrett and Development Coordinator Laura Ristan review plans for a home ownership opportunity to present to a family. Open Hand Ministries facilitates affordable homeownership opportunities by acquiring vacant properties and rehabilitating them to superior energy and quality standards for families who want to own their own home. (Photo credit: Kitoko Chargois.)
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We seek to reduce the racial wealth gap in Allegheny County.

The racial and ethnic wealth gap in the United States is staggering. The median net worth of a typical white family is nearly 10 times that of a Black family. In Pittsburgh, 36.4% of Black households and 21.7% of Latino households have 0% net worth, compared to just 11.5% of white households. Black and Latino households earn considerably less than white households, limiting their ability to save and build wealth. These inequities are the result of discriminatory policies and practices perpetuated over generations. Both programmatic and policy-level intervention are needed to build financial security and increase mobility for communities of color. 

To learn more about our areas of interest related to Economic Mobility, select one of the following:

We seek to support programs that enable students to earn college credit while in high school; admissions navigation support and academic and financial counseling; re-engagement strategies for students who have stopped attending school; and supports for non-traditional students.

Access to post-secondary education grant criteria


We are interested in supporting organizations that offer technology training with career potential.  

Career advancement grant criteria

We are interested in efforts to increase Black entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship grant criteria

We are specifically interested in funding programs that include personalized financial and home purchasing education; advocacy for mortgage assistance initiatives for Black women; and other programs that include collective ownership options.

Homeownership grant criteria