The Pittsburgh Foundation

Grants Awarded Through Application

Use the drop-down boxes below to search the listing of discretionary grants awarded through our application process. The Foundation awards discretionary grants in these strategic focus areas: Self-Sufficient Individuals and Families, Healthy Communities, Vibrant Democracy and Community Projects.

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Focus Area


Grantee Purpose Year Sort ascending Amount
Hosanna House for operating support. 2016 $125,000
The Forbes Funds for 2017 operating support. 2016 $400,000
Friendship Circle of Pittsburgh to support expanded programming for young adult members. 2016 $50,000
United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania to support the second year of United for Caregivers. 2016 $75,000
Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh to support the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh's educational programming. 2016 $75,000
Community Theater Project Corporation to support educational programming and 2015 mainstage performances. 2015 $30,000
New Horizon Theater, Inc. to support its 2014-2015 season. 2015 $15,000
New Sun Rising to support the Arts Mode program. 2015 $35,000
Community at Holy Family Manor, Inc. for the Generations Together intergenerational program. 2015 $50,000
Virtuous Academy to support expansion and development of academic programming. 2015 $45,000
Aeolian Winds of Pittsburgh to support a collaborative performance. 2015 $8,500
Travelers Aid Society of Pittsburgh to support the Veterans Transportation Program. 2015 $50,000
Focus on Renewal F.O.R. Sto-Rox Neighborhood Corp. to support FOR's Community Center operations. 2015 $50,000
Program to Aid Citizen Enterprise to support the Strategic Action Planning (SAP) Program. 2015 $85,000
Green Building Alliance for the Pittsburgh 2030 District Enhanced Transportation Focus Project. 2015 $40,000
Radiation and Public Health Project, Inc. for research to examine potential health impacts of hydraulic fracturing on fetuses, infants, and young children. 2015 $18,000
Pittsburgh Filmmakers for a new edition of the Marcellus Shale Documentary Project. 2015 $35,000
United Way of Allegheny County to support the continuation of the “Campaign for What Works (C4WW).” 2015 $150,000
Pittsburgh Arts & Lectures to support the presentation of Sheri Fink. 2015 $10,000
Friends of the Pittsburgh Urban Forest d/b/a Tree Pittsburgh to undertake urban forestry plans and tree planting projects in the Chateau and Manchester neighborhoods. 2015 $46,000
Corningworks to support the 2015-2016 season and the development of a new work. 2015 $30,000
Allegheny County Department of Human Services to purchase two vans to be used by Family Support Centers. 2015 $53,680
Carnegie Mellon University to support three artist commissions as a component of Open Engagement 2015. 2015 $15,000
Kingsley Association to support community activities related to the CHOICE Neighborhoods Initiative, the Larimer Vision-to-Action plan and Larimer neighborhood development. 2015 $150,000
Riverlife for 2015 operating support. 2015 $150,000
Pittsburgh A. Philip Randolph Institute Education Fund for the Breaking the Chains of Poverty pre-apprenticeship workforce development program. 2015 $70,000
Pittsburgh Community Broadcasting Corporation WYEP to produce a series of environmentally focused programs. 2015 $75,000
Pennsylvania Interfaith Impact Network to support a police accountability and violence reduction initiative. 2015 $150,000
Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy to support the Allegheny Commons Fountain Restoration Project. 2015 $50,000
The Fred Rogers Company to support the second season of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. 2015 $100,000
Center That C.A.R.E.S. to support the second phase of the capital costs for the renovation of the Jeron X. Grayson Community Center in the Hill District. 2015 $100,000
Center for Hearing and Deaf Services, Inc. to provide affordable, in-person language interpretation services in the greater Pittsburgh area. 2015 $75,000
City of Pittsburgh for the 2015 Learn and Earn Summer Employment Initiative. 2015 $100,000
Community Human Services Corporation for short-term assistance to prevent 24 families from becoming homeless. 2015 $20,000
Creative Nonfiction Foundation to support “Writing Away the Stigma.” 2015 $35,000
Denis Theatre Foundation to support the Meet Me at the Movies program. 2015 $7,500
Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council to support core assistance programs for the region's artists and arts organizations. 2015 $90,000
Jewish Residential Services, Inc. to support the Howard Levine Clubhouse's programming while it completes a capital/endowment campaign. 2015 $50,000
Midwife Center for Birth and Women's Health to support the expansion of services targeting vulnerable populations. 2015 $100,000
Pittsburgh Cultural Trust to support the public art components of the 2015 and 2016 Three Rivers Arts Festivals. 2015 $50,000
Thomas Merton Center, Inc. to increase civic participation in public transit planning, operations and funding activities. 2015 $40,000
Regional Housing Legal Services to work with the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency to shape flexible guidelines for anticipated federal funding to address the affordable housing needs of highly vulnerable populations. 2015 $50,000
Three Rivers Community Foundation to support the Teens for Change youth program. 2015 $40,000
Three Rivers Mothers' Milk Bank to establish a milk bank to serve Neonatal Intensive Care Units of Southwestern PA. 2015 $85,000
Three Rivers Youth to support the expansion of the mental health care capacity for at-risk youth and families. 2015 $125,000
Trade Institute of Pittsburgh to expand its brick masonry training program and launch trainings in stone masonry and roofing. 2015 $100,000
Unseam'd Shakespeare Company in support of the 2015 summer season. 2015 $9,250
Children's Institute of Pittsburgh to support the expansion of the Neurodevelopmental Service. 2015 $100,000
Children's Sickle Cell Foundation, Inc. to support the Living Well with Sickle Cell Initiative to help children with sickle cell disease live healthier lives. 2015 $50,000
NEED (Negro Educational Emergency Drive) to support the 2015-16 NEED Historically Black Colleges & Universities Academy. 2015 $100,000