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New Philanthropic Leaders Fund Your opportunity to make Pittsburgh a livable city for all.

The iconic City of Pittsburgh skyline.
The iconic City of Pittsburgh skyline.

Over the last several years, Pittsburgh has experienced a renewal of prosperity across the region. Economic growth, however, hasn’t reached everyone. Research indicates that for 30 percent of residents— those living in poverty and on its edge—the opportunities afforded by the new Pittsburgh are out of reach.

Those of us lifted by Pittsburgh’s economic resurgence can’t afford to leave our neighbors behind- especially people of color, and others who have been excluded in the past. Our continued growth depends on building a Pittsburgh where 100 percent of our community can share in expanded opportunity and improved quality of life.

The New Philanthropic Leaders Fund is an active network of connected professionals between 22 and 40 years old who dedicate time and resources to improve the Pittsburgh region by practicing innovative, evidence-based philanthropy. Members make an annual donation to the New Philanthropic Leaders Fund, focused on the 100 Percent Pittsburgh initiative.

Pool your resources for greater impact.

The New Philanthropic Leaders Fund strives to build a Pittsburgh where 100 percent of our community can thrive. With professional guidance and financial support from The Pittsburgh Foundation, these donations are pooled together, and members collectively decide on which community nonprofits receive funding. Members set the strategic direction of the fund, design a grant application, select the nonprofit finalists, and plan the Annual Pitch Party.

Learn and innovate with other leaders.

The New Philanthropic Leaders Fund is an opportunity for participants to do more than write a check. Members bring their own experiences and expertise to the conversation, where they learn about critical community needs and then partner with nonprofits working on the issues that affect our region.

A transparent and exciting approach to giving.

The year of community learning and grant making opportunities culminates in an inspiring pitch party. Nonprofit finalists selected by the New Philanthropic Leaders attend and pitch their best ideas for using grants from the New Philanthropic Leaders Fund. Fund members invite friends, colleagues and the public to attend and donate $20 for the right to “vote” for the nonprofit finalist of their choice. At the end of the night, votes are tallied. Each nonprofit gets to keep the amount donated through the voting process. Nonprofits are also awarded grants from the New Philanthropic Leaders Fund, and the finalist with the most votes receives the largest grant.

Amplify the impact of your gift.

The Pittsburgh Foundation is proud to provide a $15,000 annual match to the New Philanthropic Leaders Fund so that your giving goes even further. In addition, your gift is fully tax deductible, and The Pittsburgh Foundation has waived its typical fund fee to ensure that every penny of your donation reaches the nonprofits you and your cohort select over the course of the year.


The New Philanthropic Leaders Fund is a new initiative of the Foundation’s Center for Philanthropy with the goal of developing the next generation of Pittsburgh philanthropic leaders. This program is based on a successful model developed by the Visionaries donor group of the Community Foundation of Westmoreland County. Members may receive sponsorship from their employer. If you are interested in being sponsored, or sponsoring a group of your employees, contact us.

For more information about the New Philanthropic Leaders Fund contact us today at 412-391-5122 or by email at callande [at]