F R E E D O M T O P E T I T I O N G O V E R N M E N T Confronting the government is not only our right, it’s our responsibility. MICKEY EDWARDS ** Professor and former U.S. Congressman F R E E D O M O F A S S E M B LY OntheUnitetheRightMarchatthe UniversityofVirginiainCharlottesville: A lot of the discussion was about police and [preparedness], but the fundamental issue was what do you do when a group of angry, armed men are marching across your campus and chanting ‘Jews will not replace us’?We spent the next year … trying to come up with solutions so that what happened on that Friday couldn’t happen again. But even those speakers with unpopular views still had places to speak, where police could protect them from the counter protesters and we could make the situation physically safe. TERESA SULLIVAN ** UVA President Emeritus