andparticipatedinapressconferencefollowingapublichearingontheissue. The reform bill attracted rare bipartisan support and passed in this year’s final legislative session, allowing Gov. Tom Wolf to sign it into law. Suspension reform is just one of a wide range of policy issues that the Foundationhastakenonaspartof100PercentPittsburgh,thefour-year-old organizing principle designed to create new opportunities for residents left out of the revitalized economy. Often, creating those opportunities means awarding grants. But as Ali says, “the Foundation is about more than giving money — it’s also about supporting the work of our grantees. And sometimes that means overcoming policy barriers that prevent them from achieving their goals.” Overthepastfewyears,theFoundation’sadvocacyworkhasincluded protecting human-services funding during the state’s annual budget battles;makingthecasethroughresearchforanincreaseinPennsylvania’s minimum wage (which, at just $7.25 per hour, is lower than that of every neighboringstate);championingpaidsickdaysandpaidfamilyleave;and supporting affordable housing. Though taking such stances may seem controversial in a politically chargedenvironment,“theFoundationtriestocommentfromacommunity perspective,ratherthanonethat’sleftorright,orconservativeorliberal,”says MaxwellKing,theFoundation’spresidentandCEO.“WhentheFoundation gets involved in something, it has to be consistent with our grant-making approach. The two main questions to ask are: Will this action make our funding more effective in the community? And, will it make life better for the people of Pittsburgh?” A BOV E Khalif Ali, the Foundation’s director of public policy and advocacy, is one of less than a dozen people to hold that position within a communityfoundation. RIGH T TO P Construction worker Marcus Kelly is a success story of the Pittsburgh Trade Institute, where the Foundation learned of the hardships caused by driver’s license suspensions for nondriving offenses. RIGH T B OTTO M Union organizers, students and supporters of a $15-an-hour wage march through Pittsburgh’s Oakland neighborhood. 30 DRIVING POLICY CHANGE FOR SOCIAL GOOD