$100,000 TO THE MON VALLEY INITIATIVE to support itsWorkforce and BusinessDevelopment program. Of the 410people the organization servedlast year,269 were new to the program.Thisyear,the Initiative’sWorkforceandBusiness Development teamwillhelp unemployedandunder-employed MonValley residentsto access group-orientedandone-on-one employment services,income supportsandfinancialcoaching. $250,000 FOR THE SECOND YEAR OF THE SMALL AND MIGHTY GRANTS PROGRAM, including the launch of the More than Money series last year.The program supports small organizations with annual operating budgets under $600,000 — and brings them together for grant-writing workshops and networking events that allow participants to share their experiences, challenges and successes. Most of the 101 Small and Mighty applicants over the last two cycles had not been funded before, an indicator of increasing awareness of the program. L A U N C H E D I N 2 0 1 5 , 100PercentPittsburghistheorganizingprinciple that commits us to working with the 30 percent of residents left outoftheregion’seconomicresurgencetodevelopopportunities to help them become full participants. We’vebegunbyengagingtwogroups — singlewomenraising childrenandyouthages12to24 — thathavebeenparticularlyhard hit. Significant problem areas in which we are working involve addressing basic human needs in the community, including preservationofaffordablehousing.Bycollaboratingandsharingideas,time andresources,wearebuildingastrongerPittsburghregion — whereasingle womanraisingchildrenandworkingtwojobsdoesn'thavetochoosebetween payingforchildcareandmedicine,andateenagerinpovertyhasopportunity pathways to avoid landing in the criminal justice system. The following grants are just a few examples of Foundation support through 100 Percent Pittsburgh. About 60 percent of discretionary grants are now directed to support programs and services that fall under the organizing principle. 18 Free Store Wilkinsburg was among the 40 nonprofits to receive Small and Mighty grants since 2017. P H OTO : F R E E STO R E W I L K I N S B U R G P H OTO : H O SA N N A H O U S E