the Pittsburgh region. (See chart, right.) The range runsfromafundthatpaysthemilkbillfortheLittle SistersofthePoortoonethatsupportsourCenterfor Philanthropy in using innovative human-centered design to increase nonprofits’ capacity to provide services. (Seethatstoryonp.34) With hundreds of ourdonors actively working to improve life in the region, we see expanding the base and growing the assets as essential to our mission. We’ve also focused on another part of our mission that effectively calls on us to balance the fundraising with voice raising. Injustthispastyear,we’veexpandedprograms andservicesdevelopedthrough100PercentPittsburgh, the organizing principle that commits us to inviting the 30 percent of residents shut out of the region’s revitalized economy to join us in developing new opportunities for their full participation. About 60 percent of the Foundation’s grant- making now falls under the 100 Percent Pittsburgh umbrella,andweinviteyoutoreviewpp.10,18,20and 42 of this report to understand the many ways these programsandservicesarecreatingnewopportunities for those who need them most. Generous grantmaking helps to make the strategy case for how our community foundation benefits the region, but if we’re focusing only on dollars-in-dollars-out, we’re overlooking another basicresponsibility:usingourreputationalcapital to lead on public issues. Lastyear,withquality-of-lifeimprovementfor theregionasthestandard,theFoundationpublicly advocatedforpolicychangesacrossarangeofcauses. Onecameoutofourresearchintotheuseofdriver’slicensesuspension asanautomaticpenaltyformostnondrivingoffensesinPennsylvania.We documenteditscorrosiveeffectsonpeoplewhohaveservedtheirtimeand need a driver’s license to be able to support themselves and their families. Our campaign to change the policy led to new legislation that passed the General Assembly and was signed into law by Gov. Tom Wolf this fall. And inanotheraction,theFoundationjoinedananti-gerrymanderinglawsuitto end partisanship in setting Pennsylvania’s Congressional voting districts. (See thefullstoryonouradvocacyeffortsonp.28.) As a community foundation, we are charged with staking out the big tent of local philanthropy to bring people together from all ideologies, DONOR-ADVISED GRANTS 2017 6.7% ofourdonor- advisedfund assetswere distributed asgrants. 74% ofourdonor- advisedfunds havemade atleastone grantbetween 2015 and2017. Allegheny& Westmoreland Counties OtherPA 10% 71% 2 OPENING MESSAGE OutsidePA 19%