they serve,” says Pittsburgh Foundation President Maxwell King. “It’s about having high confidence that the money is going to be put to the best possible use.” Even so, the largest community foundations in the country can’t respond to every natural disaster. For example, the Foundation did not do anorganizedresponsetohurricanedisastersontheNorthCarolinacoastor the Florida Panhandle. The bulk of recovery efforts must fall to the federal government. King says community foundation staffs can offer effective support with experience working with government agencies in setting up emergencyrelieffundsandmanagingthem.Also,foundationdonorsoften havestrongconnectionstoaspecificgeographicareaorgroup,wherethere may be funds already established for disaster relief. AttheFoundation,thePuertoRicoCommunityRecoveryFundhasbeen a long-standing account, enabling the Foundation to provide aid quickly after natural disasters. It was reactivated after Irma. Houston’s community foundation has so far raised more than $114 million — $238,533ofwhichcamefromtheFoundation — foritsHurricane HarveyReliefFundanddirectednearlyallthemoneyingrantstononprofits thatareprovidingrecoveryservicestoanareawithapopulationofabout3.2 million.Insharpcontrast,thePuertoRicoCommunityFoundation,which serves about the same population across the entire island, has collected only about a third of that amount. To raise the profile of Puerto Rico’s community foundation on the mainland,wherenewscoverageofthedisasterhasbeensparse,Pittsburgh is coordinating an effort among foundations in the contiguous states to contribute communications and promotional assistance. AtaMarchconferenceofCFUnited,anaffinityorganizationofcommunity foundationprofessionalsincommunications,development-donorservices J A N F E B M A R A P R M AY J U N J U L A U G S E P O C T N O V D E C 2017 AVERAGE HISTORICAL RANGE 2,500 3,000 While Hurricane Maria struck on Sept. 20, 2017, a significant increase in deaths continued for months. MONTHLY DEATHS IN PUERTO RICO SO U RCE : P EN NSY LVA NIA STAT E U NIV ER SIT Y P H OTO : R A M O N E S P I N O SA  /  A P P H OTO 40 PLACE-BASED PHILANTHROPY IS NOT PLACE BOUND