Onwhathappenswhenpoliticalleaders devalueFirstAmendmentfreedoms: They tap into influences that have existed for decades, and when people are given that kind of permission, the first thing that emerges is that they attack freedom of speech. GRANT OLIPHANT * Heinz Endowments President The critical importance of civil discourse to our whole campus community is listening to differing views with respect and actually learning from them.That is what makes us the strongest country and the strongest individuals as Americans. KEN GORMLEY ** Duquesne University President A P P R E C I AT I N G F I R S T A M E N D M E N T F R E E D O M S I am not an activist journalist, but I am an activist for truth …  It’s not about me or the faces I make. It’s not about the questions I ask, but the answers the American people get. My march is for you to get information. APRIL RYAN * White House Radio News Correspondent Heinz Endowments President Grant Oliphant interviewing editorial cartoonist Rob Rogers PHOTO: RENEE ROSENSTEEL RE PO RT TO TH E CO MMU N ITY THE PITTSBURGH FOUNDATION 9