THE FORBES FUNDS PresidentandCEOFredBrown, whobeganhistermleadingthe organizationinJanuary2018,has beenchartinganambitiouscourse todevelopacommunity-based scorecardinpartnershipwiththe UniversityofPittsburgh.That, andaregionaldashboardsystem, aimtoimprovegrant-making effectivenessforfundersand servicedeliveryfornonprofits. Thework,basedinpartona 100-daylisteningtourofmore than300individualmeetings andgroupgatheringsinthe sector,isengagingfunders,and nonprofitandcommunityleaders onwaystobettercollaborate. Anothergoaloftheinitiativeisto ensurethatinclusionandequity keeppacewiththeinnovation andgrowthagendatakinghold intheregion.Brownsaysthat thecommunityresponsesofar hasspurredareviewofForbes Funds grant-making processes overthelastdecadetoanalyze their effectiveness and impact over time. A S A F A C I L I TAT O R O F P H I L A N T H R O P Y in our region, donor-advised funds, The Pittsburgh Foundation is a pow- erful engine for improving quality of life in the region. It also fuels sub- engines — fouroperatingsupporting organizations.Theseworkinspecific areas to strengthen people and communities. Several of them model the Foundation by doing targetedgrantmakingandprovidingexpertiseto nonprofit organizations. Here are highlights from the past year of supporting organizations’ projects that are connecting communities and individuals to important services and programs. 32 LIFE SUPPORTS Students celebrate during the Pittsburgh Promise Signing Day for nearly 1,000 seniors.