backgrounds and points of view. We used our convening power during a yearofunprecedenteddivisivenessbyco-presentingtwoconferences — one regional, the other national — to reawaken citizen engagement with the anchors of our shared American identity — the essential freedoms under the First Amendment. The regional event presented in June with The Heinz Endowments offered 24 speakers and panelists, including April Ryan, a White House radio news correspondent who has covered the administrations of four presidents;andformerRepublicanRep.MickeyEdwards,whorepresented Oklahoma in Congress for 16 years. ThenationalconferencepresentedinOctoberwithDuquesneUniversity, had 46 speakers including retired four-star general Michael Hayden who headedtheCIAandNationalSecurityAgency;formerPennsylvaniaGovernor andSecretaryofHomelandSecurityTomRidge;OhioGovernorJohnKasich (via video); Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (via video); and executive editors Dean Baquet of The New York Times and Martin Baron of The Washington Post. (Seethestory,p.4.) Towhateverextentsuchpublicconveningandourgrantinvestments have brought more equity, economic progress and kindness to the region, we are proud. But we also are keenly aware of instances in which we have fallen short, and we recognize that the first lesson of community philanthropy is to never stop taking lessons — never stop learning. That’s why some of the stories offered here report on what we’ve learned. Examining the Foundation’s strengths and weaknesses has been especiallyimportantthisyearastheBoardembarksonanationalsearchfor anewpresidentandparticipateswithstaffinupdatingtheorganizational plan to ground the new president in our community and culture. The leadership baton will be passed forward and strategic plans will turn over in the life of our Foundation, but our mission to improve quality of life for residents is the bedrock. As a foundation closing in on the second decade of the 21st century, we are charged with building a community for everyone in which hope is a constant and opportunities for progress abound. Thank you for all that you are doing to help us in the mission. EDITH L. SHAPIRA, M.D. MAXWELL KING The Pittsburgh Foundation Board of Directors, Chair The Pittsburgh Foundation President and CEO 3 RE PO RT TO TH E CO MMU N ITY THE PITTSBURGH FOUNDATION