expectedtobeabout$100,000,whichwouldcover204children.TheSuckling grant will help us fundtheleftoverportion.” AbroaderviewoftheYMCA’sworkvalidatesthehighnumbersofthose inneed.Lastyear,thefacilityprovided$433,000inmembershipscholarships, summercampexperiencesandchildcareto1,450economicallydisadvantaged individualsandfamilieswhouseitsvariousprogramsandservicesyear-round. “There’samindfulness,kindnessandcompassionallworkingtogether inthiscommunitytohelpeverykidreachfullpotential,”saysFloydFaulkner, theQuakerValleySchoolDistrict’scommunityyouthworkerwhoworksout of the Sewickley Valley YMCA. “Wehave15to20percentofstudentsreceivingfreeandreduced-price lunch in this district,” Faulkner says. “But we have to remember that all kids are at risk of making choices and decisions that can jeopardize their futures and their goals — not just kids considered at-risk.” Faulkner, who likes to feel the pulse of the community by getting out and about as much as possible, works hard to build relationships with all young people, regardless of socio-economic level. “OvercomingtheassumptioninthecommunitythatI’mherejusttowork with a specific group of kids is the biggest challenge,” he says. “There’s still an element of pride. Not everyone who needs help will ask for it. We want to positively impact all children, but I thinkaboutthekidsIcan’treach.” Faulkner’sjobistobuildrelationshipswiththelatchkeychildren,those hangingout at the library and those living in working-classneighborhoods, sohecanhelpidentifyresourcestheymayneed.Itisa jobthatreflectsthevalues and concerns of Suckling and the ongoing mission the late philanthropist wantedhisbequesttofund. “Wewerealreadythinkingconceptuallyalongtheselines,”saysPearlman, reflectingontheworkgoingoninSewickleyandunderservedcommunities outsideof Pittsburgh, “but Mr.Sucklingopenedthedoorandshinedalight on this issue.” ▪ CORAOPOLIS CORAOPOLIS CORAOPOL CORAOPOLI $ 108,000 –$ 192,000 $ 79,000 – $108,000 $ 55,000 – $79,000 $ 38,000 – $55,000 $ 0 – $38,000 MEDIAN HOUSEHOLD INCOME Pittsburgh International Airport Coraopolis Kennedy Township Robinson Township Moon Sewickley Hills Ambridge Aliquippa SEWICKLEY Sewickley Heights 79 279 376 SO U RCE : SEER A N A LY TIC S FO R T H E SE WICK L E Y VA L L E Y Y MC A , JU N E 2 0 15 LESSON LEARNED Povertyisnotcon- strainedbygeography, butinwealthierareas oftheregion,itcanbe invisibleandtherefore hardtoaddress.In addition,poverty mustbeexaminedas aregionalissue,rather thananissueconfined tocertainneighbor- hoodsinandaround theCityofPittsburgh.