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Meet Pittsburgh Foundation scholar Maggie LincolnA University of Pittsburgh student and award recipient talks frisbee and legacy.

Maggie Lincoln, University of Pittsburgh scholar. Image by Joshua Franzos.

Cameron Monteith is an intern at The Pittsburgh Foundation in the Communications department. He is expected to graduate Carnegie Mellon University in May 2023 with bachelor’s degrees in creative writing and film and media studies.

The Pittsburgh High School Ultimate League (PHUL) Scholarship Fund is awarded to graduating high school seniors who participate in the spring season of Ultimate Frisbee. Maggie Lincoln is a student studying engineering at the University of Pittsburgh and recent recipient of  the PHUL Scholarship Fund at The Pittsburgh Foundation. Lincoln explains how her family’s tradition of Ultimate Frisbee led to the scholarship.

“Receiving the scholarship from the PHUL Scholarship Fund affected not only my finances, but my pride. My siblings had all played Ultimate Frisbee. It’s one of the staple recognitions that seniors in high school can receive in the local Frisbee community. 

“My sister had won the award almost nine years ago. My brother didn’t receive the scholarship, but all of us were still able to claim different titles — one was the most valuable player on their team, another player of the year and I received the scholarship.

“My advice to others is to research if the  organizations you’re involved with offer scholarships. For example most people don’t realize that you can get a scholarship playing Ultimate Frisbee!  Scholarships through organizations are also less competitive and more personal. Financial aid being limited to only members means that there are fewer overall applications. And through the organization, you are more likely to personally connect with the donor and get to know them more intimately.

“Joining organizations can also help you decide what specific path you want to pursue in your field. Since coming to campus, I have been involved with environmental and sustainability focused student groups. Through these interactions I have decided that I want to be an engineer concerned with environmental practices and projects.

“I am thankful to have received the scholarship from the PHUL Scholarship Fund and be able to continue the family tradition. I still play Ultimate Frisbee at the University of Pittsburgh too. I’m excited to see where the future takes me.” 

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