The Pittsburgh Foundation

Grants Awarded Through Application

Use the drop-down boxes below to search the listing of discretionary grants awarded through our application process. The Foundation awards discretionary grants in these strategic focus areas: Self-Sufficient Individuals and Families, Healthy Communities, Vibrant Democracy and Community Projects.

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Focus Area


Grantee Purpose Year Sort ascending Amount
Oakland Planning and Development Corporation to support Financial Opportunity Center program delivery and plan for financial sustainability. 2018 $35,000
Pennsylvania Voice to support the planning phase of Keystone Counts to ensure a fair and accurate US Census count in hard-to-count communities in Allegheny and three other priority counties in southwestern Pennsylvania in 2020. 2018 $25,000
Pittsburgh Concert Chorale for FY19 operating support. 2018 $8,000
Pittsburgh Contingency to support the Restorative Justice Program. 2018 $30,000
Pittsburgh Festival Opera to support the creation of “Fight for the Right,” a new opera inspired by girls' struggle to access education. 2018 $20,000
Pittsburgh Public Theater Corporation to support 2018 educational programming. 2018 $50,000
Planned Parenthood of Western Pennsylvania to provide patients with preventative and specialized care through case management services and behavioral health services. 2018 $130,000
Prevention Point Pittsburgh to support harm reduction services. 2018 $71,779
Restaurant Opportunities Center United for the One Fair Wage campaign to eliminate the separate, lower wage for tipped workers in Pennsylvania. 2018 $25,000
Side Project, Inc. to support the Pittsburgh Center for Autistic Advocacy’s 2018 peer support and voter engagement work. 2018 $12,500
Silver Eye Center for Photography to support exhibitions and programming. 2018 $15,000
Squirrel Hill Health Center to secure additional office space to support service expansion and client growth. 2018 $100,000
Squonk Opera for the development of an outdoor stage concert titled, HAND to HAND. 2018 $30,000
The Children's Institute of Pittsburgh to support the Prader-Willi Syndrome Care Coordination Program. 2018 $100,000
The Legacy Arts Project, Inc. to support the expansion of programming and outreach efforts in their new location. 2018 $10,000
The Midwife Center for Birth and Women's Health to support the addition of walk-in pregnancy visits and support services. 2018 $75,000
TRWIB, Inc. d/b/a Partner4Work to provide meaningful, paid summer work experience to 40 disadvantaged youth ages 14-21 in Allegheny County. 2018 $100,000
United Somali Bantu of Greater Pittsburgh, Inc. to hire one caseworker. 2018 $42,900
United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania to support the continuation of the United for Caregivers employer engagement work. 2018 $150,000
University of Pittsburgh to support the Pittsburgh Philanthropy Project. 2018 $25,000
University of Pittsburgh Physicians to provide clinical services at the Birmingham Clinic for uninsured, reproductive-age women and individuals experiencing homelessness. 2018 $88,400
Western Pennsylvania Conservancy to plan and implement green infrastructure and tree planting projects in four low-income Allegheny County municipalities. 2018 $250,000
WQED Multimedia to support programming and community engagement initiatives that focus on increasing awareness and impact of incarceration on children and families. 2018 $75,000
YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh to support the ongoing program and expansion of the Creative Youth Center. 2018 $150,000
Acheve dba Pittsburgh Hires Veterans to provide free services to active members or veterans of the U.S. military searching for educational, training and employment opportunities in Western Pennsylvania. 2018 $50,000
Allegheny Conference on Community Development to support Creating a Next Generation Economy for All. 2018 $160,000
Animal Friends, Inc. for affordable spay/neuter, vaccination and wellness services provided through the Clinic Services Department of the new Animal Wellness Center. 2018 $150,000
Franklin Center of Beaver County for the Annual Aliquippa Art & Music Festival in 2018 and 2019. 2018 $19,632
Humane Animal Rescue to support the operation of its Humane Investigations Department. 2018 $75,000
University of Pittsburgh for the Department of Neurological Surgery to support small, competitive departmental research grants that are peer-reviewed for scientific merit. 2018 $150,000
Achievement Rewards for College Scientists Foundation to support the Pittsburgh Chapter Scholars Award Program. 2018 $15,000
Aleph Institute, Inc. to support additional capacity for its alternative sentencing program. 2018 $32,000
Allegheny Land Trust to purchase and protect 50 acres of woodlands for permanent green space in the Camp Meeting Woods Biological Diversity Area. 2018 $41,000
Artists Image Resource for FY 2019 and FY 2020 operating support. 2018 $28,000
City Theatre Company, Inc. to support FashionAFRICANA’s presentation of a multi-media exhibition highlighting the work of Black Panther movie costume designer, Ruth E. Carter. 2018 $10,000
Community Library Association to expand non-traditional electronic-based lending collections and services at the Sharpsburg branch. 2018 $15,000
Cornerstone Care, Inc. to increase access to medical care to residents of McDonald, Pennsylvania through the McDonald Health Initiative. 2018 $200,000
Education Law Center-PA to support legal services targeting issues of equal access to public education, dismantling the school-to-prison pipeline, and fighting for fair public education funding. 2018 $75,000
Energy Innovation Center Institute, Inc. to connect unemployed and underemployed individuals residing in underserved neighborhoods to jobs with a sustainable wage and viable career ladder. 2018 $110,000
Familylinks to support the Caregivers First Initiative. 2018 $75,000
Film Pittsburgh for FY 2019 operating support. 2018 $15,000
Focus on Renewal F.O.R. Sto-Rox Neighborhood Corp. to develop a community-focused three-year strategic plan. 2018 $25,000
Gettysburg College to support the scientific research project: What Genetic and Ecology Factors Determine the Evolutionary Path of Viral Pathogens as They Adapt to their Bacterial Hosts? by Dr. Véronique A. Delesalle. 2018 $99,955
Global Solutions Pittsburgh dba The Global Switchboard to support implementation of a community-designed plan to increase immigrant inclusion across the Pittsburgh region. 2018 $75,000
Holy Family Institute to provide financial assistance for ninth grade students attending Nazareth College and Career Prep High School. 2018 $100,000
Hopebound Ministries, Inc. for Mooncrest Neighborhood Programs to support basic needs outreach programs and services for the residents of Mooncrest and surrounding communities. 2018 $15,675
Jazz Workshop, Inc. to support the “Family Night Series” and "Jazz Jam and Poetry Series." 2018 $7,500
Jewish Healthcare Foundation of Pittsburgh to support the Community Health Worker Apprenticeship program. 2018 $100,000
Kane Area Community Center to support the youth out-of-school programs. 2018 $12,000
New Sun Rising to support a residency with Ashley Cecil in collaboration with Tree Pittsburgh. 2018 $15,000