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Foundation leaders receive leadership award

The Johnson Institute for Responsible Leadership, honored philanthropic leaders Maxwell King, president and CEO of the Pittsburgh Foundation, and Grant Oliphant, president of The Heinz Endowments, for their strategic, innovative and transformational leadership as recipients of its Exemplary Leadership Award.

Community Matters

Overcoming adversity in 2018

In a year strained by man-made and natural calamities, Pittsburghers confronted, overcame and uplifted. They doubled down in giving their time and treasure to those in need. The impulse for that extra effort is explained in the simple response of longtime Pittsburgh Foundation donor Joann Klein: “When it comes down to it, we just have to help as many people as we can in this world.”

Community Matters

“Bring the hoses?”

In Arnold, a long road to recovery after a mayor’s terrible comment, and across Westmoreland, a hard lesson about choices for its future

Community Matters

Response to the Michael Rosfeld trial verdict

THE SENSE OF SHOCK AND OUTRAGE at the acquittal of former police officer, Michael Rosfeld, for the criminal homicide of 17-year-old Antwon Rose is understandable, and we share it. All of us need to pay close attention.

Community Matters

In appreciation: Morton Coleman

IT MAY BE A CULTURAL QUIRK, but it seems that the only way we Pittsburghers truly understand the special value one person has in our community – the only way we accurately gauge the enormity of that person’s ability to make us better than we thought we could be – is when that person leaves us.

Community Matters

Families belong together

“We have taken refugees and undocumented children for years. . . including those unaccompanied by their parents. . . but this situation of taking in children being separated at the border, this is the first time we have ever experienced this. I can’t answer basic questions: What does this mean? When will they be reunited? How are these separations going to affect these children, their parents and this country? This is unprecedented.”